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Why do you have a fatty liver and the diet prevention

Date Added: Jul 31, 2012
Author: IvyChen
Category: Shopping: Health Shopping: Nutrition


Patients with fatty liver is often due to overeating, eating too good, but low-carbohydrate, low fat diet can really lose weight and help obese fatty liver. However, there are a variety of reasons to form fatty liver. But why will people suffer fatty liver? There are several reasons in the following.


First, although some people stick to a diet, due to lack of exercise and daily intake of heat still has surplus compared to physical exertion, or the balance of payments cannot spend a lot of fat original reserve, so there is no significant change in the weight and abdominal fat, which shows that the fatty liver is still associated with obesity.


Second, excessive dietary restraint lead to malnutrition and short-term severe weight loss, on the one hand, a large number of fatty acids from adipose tissue enter into the liver causing liver fat synthesis; on the other hand, along with the lack of nutrients can cause fat excreted from the liver, resulting in liver fat deposition.


Third, irregular diet or dietary structure is unreasonable, for example, do not eat breakfast, like to eat snacks or sweets, sugary drinks, and often eat food late at night, and excessive alcohol consumption and so on, through causing energy metabolism may also induce and exacerbate fatty liver. Of course, in addition to excess heat and malnutrition, certain medications, thyroid disease, inflammatory bowel disease, hepatitis C, or even hepatitis can lead to fatty liver.


Since we know the reasons, we should prevent it. First, alcohol should be limited. Uncontrolled drinking will make loss of appetite, reduce food intake, thus resulting in the lack of a variety of nutrients; if it is severe, it will result in alcoholic cirrhosis. Excessive alcohol consumption increases the risk of hypertension, stroke and other. If you are desire to drinking, you can drink a small amount of low-grade wine.


Second, you should eat more vegetables. Vegetables, fruit and potato contain rich health poisonous, minerals, dietary fiber and other bioactive substances. And the vitamin content of dark red, yellow, green vegetables is more than light-colored vegetables and fruits, and the sugars, organic acids and pectin in the fruit is richer than vegetables. The diet with vegetables, fruit and potato has an important role in cardiovascular health, enhancing disease resistance and the prevention of cancer and other.


Third, you should eat less fat. Most people eat too much meat, which is also detrimental to the health. However, you should eat less meat, especially fat, reducing dietary fat intake. Dietary prevention of fatty liver is a very effective, as long as you are careful to do according to these; your health will come back to you.

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