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Date Added: Jan 8, 2013
Author: dailyrazor
Category: Computers and Internet: Internet: Web Design and Development: Hosting

    The last time a did a query on popular search engine platforms such as, and for the term blog hosting I shown an army of results - not sure if "army" is the right word to use here. To put things in a better context, I shown literally over 10 million search results. Can you imagine that? How do I go through that volume of results? Where do I start? Where do I end? These were the questions that were running through my mind as I wondered and pondered on why so many results? I thought my task was simply finding a reliable blog host to run my web blog on - but now as I'm faced with millions of search results I am more confused as ever.

    Nevertheless, as the saying goes "what needs to be done, needs to be done". So therefore, I will be relentless in my quest to find the best hosting blog platform that gives me uptime reliability, server security, high availability and above all superb customer services that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. I will not settle for anything less and I'm more than ever resolved to spend time in researching and doing the needful due diligence to find this blog hosting solution of mine.

    As a web blog author the worst thing that can happen to you is that come to the pathetic realization that your blog is always down all the time. Imagine if your blog is always down for about 30 to 60 minutes every day? This means that your blog is always down 12 to 24 hours per month and 144 hours to 288 per year! That is ridiculously a lot of down time and this is occasioned as a result of you being with the wrong blog host. This is bad for business and the only way to mitigate against it is for me to make sure I spend all the time in the world looking for that blog hosting solution that give me nothing less than 99.99% uptime guarantee. I hope you're reading me right? I didn't say 99.9% uptime guarantee, I said 99.99%! This means that I can only tolerate 87.6 hours down time in the whole of the year when hosting blog! Whereas, with a 99.9% uptime guarantee I'm settling for 876 hours down time in a year!!! You see the massive difference? Go figure!

    Have you ever tried visiting a website and your web browser warns that that the website has been hijacked by a malware? When looking for my hosting blog solution - serve security is critical to success. Simply put - I don't want any stories from security standpoint. I won't allow it and won't settle for anything less than ironclad military grade security systems and protocol. I suggest you do the same when looking for a blog host. This is very important and I can't overstate it. So please don’t take it for granted.

    As for customer service - of what use is a blog host if they can't provide me with the much needed customer service experience. A lot of blog hosting companies out there suck at this. They are quick to collect money but when it comes to doing the job they are paid to do, they start scratching their heads and treating you like you're bugging them. But this wasn't the case when they were taking your hard earned money. So case in point is that customer service is vital and I will only go with companies with proven track record.

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