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Date Added: November 27, 2012 11:41:50 AM
Author: androiddevelopment
Category: Business: Business Services: AudioVisual: Videoconferencing: Internet

    Webcasting is the most prominent hardware available in the market today which effectively digitizes the captured video content to stream online. This particular webcasting device is intricately designed by hardware experts of the IVB7 team to deliver high quality webcasting. It supports multiple video inputs, audio-mixing and video-editing. It has built-in volume controls, video preview monitor and microphone.

    IVB7 Webstreamer gives the best streaming experience for our customers across the globe. It seamlessly works with other components of IVB7, thus ensuring high quality streaming. The user interface is very user-friendly and can be used by anyone with minimal streaming knowledge. It supports recording of the live video, social webcasting in Facebook, and multi-platform streaming.

    IVB7 Webportal is built on top of mojoPortal which is a well-advanced CMS with lot of easy-to-use features. This fulfills the web needs of every customer. It is extremely easy to customize to your desired style. Moreover, IVB7 has brought many features like In-depth video analytics, social sharing features, Live chat, Bible App and much more to ease out the work of building websites.

    Webcasting content delivery network has greatly helped IVB7 to deliver exceptional media quality reducing the buffering problems and remain masters of Internet streaming and live webcasting. Ultimately it is all about taking the media content effectively to the end-users, and our CDNs have helped us to deliver the same without any delay, buffering, down-time and interruption...

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