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Types of scientific laboratory equipments

Date Added: February 29, 2012 11:26:08 AM
Author: Abhishek
Category: Science and Technology: Instruments and Supplies: Laboratory Equipment

    Now a day, scientific and research labs have become extremely important to survive in this world. Therefore, in order to provide perfect service they have to keep quality laboratory equipment and instruments for effective lab functions. Several suppliers of lab instruments have been helping laboratories to perform their routine tasks effectively and efficiently.

    Laboratory instruments refer to broad range of devices and tools used by technicians while working in laboratory. All these equipments are mainly utilized for carrying out various experiments. These experiments help to introduce new ways to indentify diseases.

    Medical and biomedical equipments is especially designed to assist diagnose and treatment of patient. Medical equipments play an essential role to monitor the condition of patients undergoing intervention in a hospital. The macro scientific works has been providing different types of medical equipments, some of them are as follows.

    Ultra Low Temperature Freezers – The Ultra low temperature freezers are generally freezers ranging from zero degrees Celsius to minus eight degree Celsius temperature. The macro scientific works is among the top scientific Laboratory Equipments Manufacturer having their clients all over the world. The MAC’s ultra low temperature freezer is best equipment to store all your biological needs. The Ultra low temperature freezers render awesome temperature uniformity. These freezers are available in different storage capacity.

    Blood Bank Refrigerator - You cannot think about hospital without good quality laboratory instruments. One of the excellent and necessary lab instruments is blood bank refrigerator. The blood bank refrigerator allows doctors to store blood & other fluids safely and reliably necessary for completion of test. These refrigerators are quite different from regular refrigerator.

    Medical RefrigeratorMedical clinics and hospitals need these refrigerators for different purposes. These refrigerators are available in different sizes. Temperature ranges of medical refrigerator are 2⁰ to 15⁰ Celsius.

    Platelet IncubatorThe Platelet incubator makes use of latest technology to attain reliable and controlled temperature. The present temperature of platelet incubator is 22⁰ Celsius. The chamber of platelet incubator is made of stainless steel. The MAC’s Platelet Incubator comes will digital controller to maintain the temperature accurately. You can also record the last 7 days temperature with circular chart recorder.

    Aerosol DisinfectorAerosol disinfector is used for the removal of contaminants of hospital wards, operation theaters, pharmaceutical lab, nursing homes, poultry sheds and many more.

    Automatic Pipette WasherThese are perfect for bacteriological, clinical and serological laboratories. Automatic pipette washer is made of stainless steel body and accommodates 375 mm length of pipettes.

    Heating MantleThey are made of to apply heat on certain laboratory equipments. Heating mantles are available in various capacities. They are more safe and reliable as compared to the hot plates and other heating devices.


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