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Traffic to your trade show displays

Date Added: Dec 14, 2012
Author: Miguel Torres
Category: Business: Business Services: Event Planning and Production: Convention and Trade Show Services

    It’s a given: Yours will be one of many bannerstands that visitors are exposed to and you won’t be the only representative of your industry. Increasing traffic is important but the tactics you use have to make sense to your business and overall strategy, while providing visitors with a takeaway that will leave your brand on their minds. It’s a balancing act but one you can master by keeping your goals in perspective and effectively standing out.

    Appeal to their senses

    Trade show attendees, however into the event they are, can get bored by seeing “too much of the same.” They want to be engaged and stimulated at a visceral level. The best way to do this is by giving them something unexpected to see, taste, hear or touch.

    Is there something to see at your booth that separates you from the pack? If not, this is a good place to start (remember that most people are visually oriented). Consider replacing the old PowerPoint and projector with a LED video presentation. Maximize your use of color and lighting options to attract and engage visitors in a subtle way. The only trick here is to not overdo it on things like bright flashy displays or those that move too fast…just use enough for an effect that will catch the eye without being jarring.

    Taste and sound are senses that are largely – and surprisingly – under-estimated at events, with the prime focus being given to visual effects. Take advantage of this by offering refreshments, such as popcorn, “cookout foods,” drinks or even gourmet treats (if the budget allows for this). Likewise, provide a soundtrack that’s both neutral and relevant to your audience. If they’re young and hip, go for something fun or edgy; if they’re older, choose a calmer or nostalgic rhythm.

    Studies have shown that shoppers are more likely to buy something if they have an opportunity to touch it first. Think about it: Can you resist touching something silky, rough or fluffy? This can easily be translated to a trade event by offering samples of a product or something that provides a physical link to your brand…the more textural it is, the better!

    Let’s not leave out what could well be the most important of the senses…the sense of being listened to. Visitors to your booth want to be engaged in a way that’s genuine and sends the message they’re being taken seriously. Be sure to give them your full attention, asking questions designed to enhance their experience (i.e. “how does this affect your…”), and sidestep the “smile and nod” pit completely.

    Market, Market and Market

    One of the best ways to ensure traffic to your trade show display is to ask for it. Sounds simple but sending notifications via mail and email, social media, doing radio promo spots and even offering admission vouchers or other downloadables through your site (or as radio promo gifts for ‘call-ins’) is almost guaranteed to get the word out to interested parties – with enough notice to allow them to clear their schedule for it.

    If you do offer downloadables on your site, such as admission vouchers or brochures, include a QR code with them. You’ll be able to track the generated interest by the scans. Keep marketing through the event as well. Advertise your location on Foursquare and see how much live response you get.

    Give Them Something Special

    Ask yourself: What’s going to make your trade show display stand out from the rest? Break up the monotony with celebrity speakers, entertainers or staff that’s well-trained to provide an informed view of what your brand’s about in a way that’s fun. Perform a skit, put on a magic show, wear matching branded clothing…the only limit to your creativity is that it should match with your brand message.

    Trade show attendees like having a takeaway, whether it’s a promotional product to take home, the thrill of winning a raffle or trivia contest prize or a clear and easily recalled memory of your brand. Give them this and you’re ahead of the game!

    About Skyline Chicago

    Skyline Chicago is part of the global Skyline Exhibits network that includes more than 1,500 employees worldwide. Skyline Chicago is a leading provider of custom Chicago trade show displays and Chicago bannerstands. Founded in 1980, Skyline Exhibits is the source for unforgettable face-to-face marketing experiences. The company holds more than 100 patents and has been repeatedly recognized for its creativity, innovation and performance.

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