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Titanium and meteorite rings

Date Added: January 22, 2011 06:07:29 AM
Author: Brain_Reed
Category: Shopping: Jewelry

    We are all accustomed to silver and gold rings; they are beautiful and eye catching but there are many of us who prefer to be different and for them titanium rings and/or meteorite rings are perfect alternatives.

    Titanium is a tough metal, resistant to the denting and dinging the traditional precious metals are used to seeing, and is corrosion resistant as well. Its durability, strength, and light weight make it a natural for use in aerospace applications. The light weight and high strength of titanium rings has made them become increasingly popular. The fact that titanium rings are hypo-allergenic makes them an excellent alternative for persons allergic to silver and gold.

    Titanium is so inert that it is used in body implants for this very reason. Titanium rings are crafted from solid billet and are not cast. It takes special equipment to be able to machine the ring, so this is why jewellers have not produced them in the past. It is a whole new set of processes and technology that allows us to produce them custom to the size and width specifications of the customer.

    With the addition of different machining and laser applications, we are able to offer hundreds of styles of titanium rings. These include tension sets, inlays of various materials such as precious metals, hardwoods, mokume gane, carbon fiber, and stones, and other specialized designs. 

    Now, people who want something unique on their finger have a solution in titanium rings. Another great alternative to silver and gold rings are the meteorite rings. Meteorite rings are crafted from aerospace grade titanium that have an inlay of a genuine meteorite from outer space.

    The meteorite was formed over 4 billion years ago, before the Earth finished forming. It is the iron/ nickel core of an asteroid that has been floating in space and came crashing to Earth sometime around 30,000 years ago. This particular meteorite is called the Gibeon meteorite, and was found near the city of Gibeon in Namibia Africa. The surface of the meteorite material has a large crystalline pattern called Widmanstatten lines that are formed by the extremely slow cooling of the metal over millions of years as the meteorite travelled through space.

    The metal native to Earth does not have this pattern. Meteorite rings are very unique jewellery pieces which can be found in a variety of styles. Typically, the meteorite ore has a slightly darker shade of grey compared to silver or platinum. Pairs of Meteorite rings can be made from the same piece of meteorite thus have been together for billions of years, which is as close to forever as it gets here on Earth. The ancient meteorite contrasts nicely with the modern titanium polished to mirror finish.

    Both titanium rings and meteorite rings are very strong pieces. It is always advised that one should take good care to provide the right ring finger size because it is difficult to resize the rings. Some designs are easier than others to resize. These rings are also very cost effective compared to gold or silver rings.

    Both titanium and meteorite rings are available online and are made to your specifications, usually in about a day. is a leader in the manufacture of genuine meteorite and titanium rings .

    Please visit their site to see the possibilities of titanium made into attractive pieces of art.

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