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Purpose of scaffolding

Date Added: Aug 21, 2012
Author: nikkoncolmel
Category: Business: Construction and Maintenance: Tools and Equipment: Scaffolds


    Scaffolding are used to support people and hold materials that are to be used for construction or repair of buildings and other structures. They aid safety of the workmen and allow access to areas that are difficult to reach. They are constructed by using metal. Scaffolding is an instructional technique, whereby you build in "planks" that the students knowledge then arises upon. In this way you build up their understanding. It is like taking a student on an educational journey based upon.




    Scaffolding has been around since ancient times as historians have found evidence of the Egyptians using scaffolding to construct their pyramids. In today’s construction industry, governments in the different countries have rules that they require construction companies to adhere in construction of scaffolding. The main purpose of a scaffold is to provide a safe place to work and a safe access to the materials needed. Many construction companies adhere to these regulations very strictly to avoid any accidents or mishaps.


    Basic Elements


    The three basic elements are standards, ledgers and transoms. The tubes used to construct the scaffolds are also known as the standards or uprights. They run throughout the entire structure and ensure that it stands upright. They also transfer the entire weight of the structure to the ground on a square base plate so as to spread the load. Ledgers are the tubes that are horizontal and connecting to the vertical tubes to hold the structure firmly. Transoms are placed on the ledgers at right angles to give the structure more strength. All these different components ensure that the structure is strong and firm to hold weight and ensure safety.



    Basic Scaffolding


    A basic scaffold generally consists of two steel-tube frames, two removable aluminum cross braces, four steel foot-pads and an aluminum platform. The mix of steel and aluminum components gives it a light stability that makes it easy to handle and gives it a large load-bearing capacity, making it ideal for outdoor and indoor projects that require a large, sturdy and stationary working platform. These projects could include hanging drywall, brick and block work, texturing walls and ceilings or any other activity that requires handling heavy loads.


    Rolling Scaffolding


    A rolling scaffold has the same structure as basic scaffolding with a few minor differences. These include a smaller frame, lighter weight, a lower load bearing capacity and the addition of guardrails and caster-style wheels. The easy-push convenience of this type of medium-sized scaffolding is well suited for indoor and outdoor projects that have stable surfaces and cover wide areas, such as with drywall taping and finishing and installations of crown molding. Stacking is a feature of this type of scaffolding. scaffolding sales

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