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Malbec Wines

Date Added: Aug 27, 2012
Author: paulinerose
Category: Shopping: Food and Drink: Beverages: Wine


    Malbec Wines – The People’s wine !!

    Malbec has been the wine of the times for a successfully long duration now. This purple grape variety tends to have an inky color and is used in the making of soft and fruity red wine. The grape varietal was primarily originated from France; however Malbec found a new home in Argentina because of semi-arid-desert like climate and the supply of water from the snow capped mountains, it is now claimed to be the “National Variety” of Argentina due to its prominence and adaption to the soil. Malbec grapes are also found growing in certain parts of Chile, Brazil, Spain, Australia and also along The Loire River in France.


    This red wine that has a very deep and dark intense color is the most likeable wine by the people simply because; it is a wine that has a straight forward taste which is pleasant, spicy, fruity and has a velvety texture. The tannins of Malbec are soft, sweet and light that makes the wine enjoyable. It gives the consumer a new and different wine experience. Malbec wines are known for its exclusive and elegant aromas of plum, dark berry, coffee, chocolate and cherry to name a few. The key flavors of an exquisite bottle of Malbec include plum, cherry, chocolate, black pepper and dried fruits. These aromas and flavors lighten the mood of people and make this drinking experience pleasant and the taste lingers on your palette even after you have finished your glass. Malbec is aged for at least 6- 12 months in French or American oak barrels and has a aging potential of up to 10 years!


    Surprisingly, these wines are mostly priced under $20 and it is a wine everyone can afford and enjoy. The intense deep garnet color of Malbec attracts the eye while the fruity and spicy hints taste is captivating from the very first sip. Malbec is a combination of high quality and affordable wine that pairs well with red meat, steak, lamb, pasta and almost anything barbequed, roasted and spicy. It is an ideal beverage that can be paired with Italian, Mexican, Spanish and Thai cuisines. Malbec can also be paired with semi-hard milk cheese because of the wine’s acidity matches with the intensity of the cheese, a variety of cheese that is not salty or strong bridges perfectly with Malbec wine.


    With its deep, soft, pleasant taste it is one of those red wines that make people fall in love with it! The taste could cast a spell on you, leaving a persistent flavor that stays in your memory, a true sign of a quality wine.

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