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The best laptop packs

Laptops vs. Computers

Date Added: October 11, 2011 02:56:52 AM
Author: Vikki Lumley
Category: Computers and Internet: Hardware: Systems

History and Sizing

Computers in Brisbane are rather simplistically divided into desktop and laptop categories. It’s really up to the individual to decide which type of computer they need. There are pros and cons attributed to each choice but as long as you do the research and discover for yourself the major differences between laptops and desktops, there should be no issues. For the last 30 or so years, computers have had a greater influence on society. Laptops owe their origins to desktops and are smaller, lighter and easier to carry. For their part, desktops in Brisbane are more reliable, secure and powerful.


The term ‘desktop computer’ wasn’t really applicable until the early 1970’s when it was finally possible to fit a machine on a desk. Prior to this, computers were enormous and filled entire rooms. Companies such as Apple and IBM paved the way for widespread desktop computer usage in the late 1970’s when they used standard processors which reduced the vast cost of the machines. Laptops are basically portable versions of desktops, featuring typical desktop components such as the keyboard, display and speakers.

Size Matters

The most obvious difference between the two types of machine is the fact that laptops are smaller, lighter and more compact. Desktops in Brisbane and everywhere else consist of an array of parts that must be combined whereas laptops are all-in-one units. It’s possible to have external items like a mouse, keyboard and monitor and connect them to a laptop but there is little point. Laptops can be brought anywhere because of their size and weight which makes them the ideal choice for those who utilise computers when on the move. Laptops have a battery which lasts for several hours and can also be connected to the internet wirelessly. 

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