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Country Club Oman perfect and memorable

Date Added: Feb 7, 2011
Author: GoldSouk BurDubai
Category: Recreation: Travel: Lodging: Hospitality Clubs

    Our trip to Dubai was a memorable one for the whole family. As we were the members of the Country Club Dubai hotel, we were more than happy as we had every comfortable option of travelling for our whole family. Pickup outside Hotels in Dubai was around lunchtime so we just lazed around the pool in the hotels in Dubai again.


    We were picked up from the hotels in Dubai door in a Toyota Landcruiser. We had to go to another hotels in Dubai to pick up another group, and from Hotels in Dubai, it was off to the desert. Our particular spot was around 45mins drive from hotels in Dubai. We stopped half way there to meet the other cars.

    Much to my surprise and delight! People were standing around hotels in dubai eating and drinking. The locals had no issue with this (they were selling the stuff) so we stocked up. We admit, we felt a little guilty standing drinking at hotels in Dubai when they had to go all day in 45+ degree heat without a drop to drink!

    We decided to head to Jumeirah Beach from Hotels in Dubai where I sat for a few hours catching some rays in the park. Then we decided to have a walk along to see hotels in Dubai, the Burj al Arab. From the park it looked about a 10 minute walk....the reality of it was that it was closer to a 2 HOUR walk!

    Fortunately, we noticed hotels in Dubai allowing tourists to drink, so it wasn't too much of a problem but not something which we would want to do too often at Hotels in Dubai. The hotels in Dubai building itself is very impressive, so sat around the beach there for a while before heading back to the hotels in Dubai. It seems that Ramadan can be respectfully observed by tourists but hotels in Dubai certainly appeared to be very understanding of those who did not observe their holy month, so we were glad that hotels in Dubai not made too much of a difference to our time here.

    Hotels in Dubai isn't cheap for the sole traveler. hotels in dubai seem to be generally quite expensive, and when you factor in food and taxis it soon adds up. However, the luxury of the hotels in Dubai has been very refreshing and it's been a nice and relaxing few days.

    Country Club Dubai is among the best clubs in the Country Club network of clubs and resorts. It is the first international extension in the Hotels in Dubai network. It all started from one man with a vision.

    The Country Club India, this massive clubbing entity and an ever growing vision were initiated by Mr. Rajeev Reddy who with aggressive planning made it possible to achieve one of the best accomplishments. Being enlisted on BSE, growth of the network expanded into new levels. 

    The target to widen the horizons into the international scene started with Dubai Hotels. As a pioneer in the family clubbing and entertainment segment from more than a decade in India, Country Club India has the credit of several sprawling properties that showcase the luxury and finesse in hospitality and comfort for its members all over India and abroad.

    The figures speak for themself, Country Club India has 55 own properties, has 175 franchised establishments and over staggering 4000 affiliations all over the world.


    Country Club India is the ruling leader in the ever raising hospitality industry in and around India for more than a decade offers the best choice.

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