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Clothes for just plain tall

Date Added: March 02, 2011 07:29:46 AM
Author: pearllike
Category: Shopping: Clothing: Men's

    Tall Mans Clothing Distribution, LLC, was launched in March 2010 and 6 months later, TMCD as come a lengthy way in the site's progress and overall business policy. To fill the present void in tall menswear in the area of “fitted” fashion.  The term "fitted" (also known as tapered, slim or European cut) refers to the emerging cut of clothing that fits a bit more tightly and contour to your body, and eventually resembles tailor-made clothing.  Fitted shirts are mainly popular these days, but unhappily if you are tall, you have limited options for judgment fitted fashion, especially in traditional brick-and-mortar storefronts, as most available catalog is limited to online. To provide useful links and reviews of existing online retailers that offer ample fitted fashion for tall and fit males, accompanied with reviews and a ranking system to better understand the quality, cut and value you find at these retailers.

  1. Congregate precious market research from you, the tall consumer, to better appreciate your needs.  Please consider taking our Questionnaire.  Your answers will be confidential and none of the questions require compulsory responses.
  2. Based on our market research, we are creating our own product of affordable fitted shirts, TNB Fit, and our shirts distance an array of styles; specifically shirts, both short and long sleeved button-down casual/dress, stylish comb cotton fitted tees of various solid colors, and lastly, shape wear undershirts, which are critical in compliment fitted fashion.
  3. Our TNB Fit brand, previously far along in its growth, will of course be available for purchase on our site, but our real goal is to distribute to conventional Big & Tall retailer, as one reason they do not offer stylish fitted clothing is that reasonable national brands sized for tall consumers simply do not exist.  This will allow you to try on stylish fitted inventory in the store to ensure a proper fit; a perk tall male have been depressed of for far too long.

    If stylish, moderately affordable fitted fashion already exists online, where is the chance. You can shopping online is trying for tall males, as sizes and cuts vary across the different retailers, and the return procedure is tedious.  It is understandable that usual department stores and specialty retailers like banana republic do not have the floor space to dedicate to tall consumers, but it is unforgivable that full-size & Tall retail storefronts do not, as most would agree they focus on their “Big” consumers only these days.  As for the minimal inventory accessible at B&T stores?  Save for a few exceptions, inventory is neither fitted nor stylish.  In addition, our sizing medium gives tall males of various tallness and girth the assistance of a truly good fit.

Buy fitted Clothes for Just Plain Tall not big Mans provides clothes to tall mans that are stylish, fitted and relatively at affordable rate.

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