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Refinance Second Mortgage

Mortgage options at Provident Funding

Date Added: Feb 19, 2011
Author: Johan Andressen
Category: Business: Financial Services: Mortgages

If you are looking for a mortgage provider that can provide flexible mortgage products to suit your specific needs, Provident Funding may be able to provide you with the options that you are looking for. If you need a loan for an amount greater than $ 417,000, Super Conforming Loans may suit your needs and if your financing needs are lower than $ 417,000, Conforming Loans may be your answer. Whether you are looking for fixed rate loans, ARMs (adjustable rate mortgages), interest only loans or refinancing solutions, the mortgage solutions from Provident Fundingmay be what you need. Alternatively, if you wish to take a loan at a lower rate in order to pay back your first loan, the Provident Funding refinance solutions may be what you would like to consider.


Provident Funding is currently the 4th largest direct lender in the US with over 200,000 customers and nearly $44 billion servicing portfolio. Truly a low cost lender leveraging a superior technology, the company has been focusing on prime loan originations with monthly originations exceeding $3 billion. While earning the distinction of being best in class in cost to originate and fund a loan at less than ten basis points, Provident Funding is one of only fifteen servicers in the country in 2008 to be designated a "Hall of Fame Servicer by Freddie Mac". With a belief that price and service distinguish one lender from another, the company has transformed their entire wholesale origination division around delivering consistently aggressive pricing, leading edge technology and professional service to borrowers. Thus, they were the number one servicer of “top 25” for lowest delinquency rate with loan originations of $40 billion in 2009.


If you are a first time home buyer, you may like to check out the Provident Funding mortgages. As the loan is a secured one, and if you have a good credit score, you may get a low interest rate. It may be good to remember that the loan repayment amount will generally depend on some factors like, credit score, loan term, total mortgage amount, down payment percentage, and so on. Obtaining a home mortgage from Provident Funding can offer various benefits as follows:

      1. Instant cash: A mortgage is a source of extra funds which the borrower does not have to spend. These funds can provide a boost to your cash flows and can help you deal with any emergency situation.

      2. Wide loan variety: You can choose a loan type according to your repayment affordability from the various mortgage choices available. There are different ways by which you can repay the loan. You can also choose your own loan term and exercise you choice (although to a limited extent) in selecting the interest rate.

      3. Tax benefits: Through a home mortgage, you can enjoy tax benefits also. You can get a tax deduction on the amount that you pay towards your loan repayment.

      4. Improved credit score: Your credit score is determined by several factors. Ten percent of credit score is determined by different types of accounts that you have. If you have several types of credits (like credit cards, home mortgage, consumer loans, and so on) and can manage multiple trade lines, this will have a positive effect on your credit report and the score will become higher provided you don't miss your payments.

Taking a mortgage from Provident Funding can be a great way for you to refinance or purchase a home. But it is always advisable that before you sign on the dotted line, you first understand the benefits of each mortgage program that you qualify for and to make sure you are getting the best possible mortgage loan.

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