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Ancient indian architecture

Date Added: December 17, 2012 02:53:17 PM
Author: Vaibhav Tourism
Category: Recreation: Travel: Travel Agents: Asia: India

    Taj Mahal is the finest architectural wonder of the world, the work of Indian architects - both Muslims and Hindus. Classic tajmahal tour India is the most popular tour world over as Taj Mahal is an architectural masterpieces. The white marble mausoleum with its allied gardens and the building complex measues around 1400 feet x 1000 feet in the form of a rectangle. Enclosed by a high wall surmounted by four arcaded marble pavilions at each one of the four corners and the main gate of red stone has a typical beauty of its own. Its has facade containing beautiful calligraphic descriptions in Arabic. When you are on a classy Taj Mahal trip you experience something really great. As you pass the main gate one enters the well-laid out garden with marble pathways, water course and fountains. Before the visitor, stands the beautiful marble mausoleum. It is a real advantage to view the Taj Mahal on a full-moon night, when it looks like pure white pearl, a sight that cannot be seen elsewhere in the world. Taj mahal trip India has a special importance on moon-lit nights. The Taj Mahal is a thing of beauty and a thing of beauty is a joy forever. If you are planning to encounter some iconic art, go for Taj Mahal trip India and you will be satiated.

    Vaibhav tourism, a travel management company specializes in classic Taj Mahal tour India packages made exclusively for you. Our Taj Mahal special tour offers are tailor made and is well framed keeping in mind your requirementsTaj mahal special tours has many aspects but one of them is that you are escorted by a travel agent throughout your tour.The travel agent provided to you as per our Taj Mahal special tour packages explains the mysteries of the art of the taj.

    The principal mausoleum, Tajmahal, stands again on a rectangular platform built in marble with a plinth area of 22 square feet. The mausoleum is square in shape and the main dome which rises to a height of 108 feet from the base platform is of pure white marble. It took 22 years to complete the whole structure and that it cost then three crores of rupees. Besides white marble it took about twenty varieties of precious stones in the decoration and inlay work of the Taj Mahal. Taj mahal trip takes you down the timeline as you slowly explore the detailed artwork in the interiors.

    The chief designer Ustad Ahmad Lahori while Maktrramat Khan and Mir Abdul Quasim are stated to be its architects. Ismail Khan Rumi is said to be the maker of the central dome. During your Taj Mahal trip India you explore Both Muslim and Hindus art in blend, that had contributed their best in building this exquisite monument. Shahjahan no doubt was a builder par-excellence. He had inherent zest for beautiful architecture so his regime was the golden period for architecture. He was also the builder of  Red Fort at Delhi, with its beautiful. Diwan-e-Am and Diwan-e-Khas. Also the Moti Masjid at Agra and the Jama Masjid, a beautiful red stone structure at Delhi are his contributions. Taj Mahal is the best of the monuments, man has ever built till date. Though built as a mausoleum for the beautiful queen, Taj Mahal speaks unquestionably and elaborately about the glory and taste of Shahjahan and his inordinate love for his wife. While on Taj Mahal trip India you can also see the tomb of the queen and shahjahan himself inside the taj. In the interior, in the midst of the structure, right below the massive dome lie the mortal remains of the queen, Mumtaj mahal in a peaceful and serene atmosphere besides her king’s.

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